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"My Russian" language course online provided by "My Russian school in Siberia" (, and prepared by it's head-teacher Tatiana Shubina.

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This online Russian language course was made (mostly)

 ***If your level of Russian is higher or you want to have a course on special objectives, please fill up this form and describe your preferences


There are 2 types of courses/groups:

* "Moscow" (standart group with 2 80-minutes classes per week).
** "Siberian express" (intensive group with 3 120-minutes classes per week).

There are only 6 people in the group (less is possible, but not more).

The classes will be organized in the webinar room, so we will be able to use visual, voice and video features.

The duration of the course is 80 classes (as a result you get A1.1 level) and the same duration for A1.2 level. Level description you can read here


The essential thing about this course is its logic, which Russian language definately has.

The main principle of the course is conscious teaching and conscious learning as a result, so you won't have to repeat/learn some phrases or sentences without understanding it's structure and meaning.

All your "Why's" about the Russian language will find their answers, so you could say "Oh, it's strange Russian logic", but atleast the logic :-)

As a lexical basic of the course we use only actual, "modern" words of the language, that is common used now in every part of Russia and you can be sure that it's not a dialect or old-fashioned Russian word that you ocasionally used.

The main method of education is conscious simplification of the language on the very first steps. It is made for your best understanding and slowly accepting the language "peace by peace".



Group package (maximum of 6 people in a group):


 IN EURO (€)
1 class (80 minutes) € 10
1 month (8 classes) subscription € 64 (€ 8 per class)
3-8 months subscription € 7 per class (€ 56 per month, € 448 per course)

Duration of the course is 8 months.


 IN EURO (€)
1 class (120 minutes) € 15
1 month (12 classes) subscription € 144 (€ 12 per class)
2-4 months subscription € 10,5 per class (€ 126 per month, € 504 per course)

Duration of the course is 4 months.

Individual tuition:
€ 15 per 60 minutes class.


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Alrick Dupuis

J'ai passé un super séjour en Russie où j'ai pu suivre des cours intensifs de Russie auprès d'une équipe pédagogique de qualité tout en profitant d'un cadre de vie de qualité en étant logé chez l'habitant dans l'inoubliable ville de Krasnoyarsk!

Alrick Dupuis


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