Wonderful Russian Summer in Siberia with MyRussian School

Summer 2018 programs!!! Intensive Russian language course in Russia, in the capital of Siberia, learn Russian, immerse yourself and discover Krasnoyarsk, Khakassia and Tuva region of Russia with it huge history and unique culture!

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Special summer trip's schedule in Siberia!

We invite you to have unforgettable trips in Russia this summer, before or after your Russian language course. It’s an unique chance for you to discover Siberia, with it’s unknown before culture and history and visit 2 famous ethno music festivals: “Mir Sibiri” and “Ustuu-Khuree”. See the schedule here

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Learn and study Russian language in the heart of Russia! 

The language school which gives you great opportunities to learn and improve your Russian in Russia! Individual classes, mini-groups, a program of activities, familiarity with the Russian culture and history, new friends, unforgettable impressions. This is the minimum profits  that you can get if you go to learn the Russian language  in Russia.

Russian language immersion program

russain immersion
This is your opportunity to discover the real Russia during your stay in Russia.

Do you want to study Russian in St Petersburg or Moscow? Think twice! Siberia - is the real Russia.

Our language school is located in the heart of Russia - in Siberia, in Krasnoyarsk city. Krasnoyarsk is the center of Eastern Siberia and the capital of huge “Krasnoyarskiy kray” (Krasnoyarsk region). Here you can find and feel the real "Russian soul". Immerse yourself in culture, find unforgettable acquaintances, see unforgettable beauty of Russia.

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Alrick Dupuis

J'ai passé un super séjour en Russie où j'ai pu suivre des cours intensifs de Russie auprès d'une équipe pédagogique de qualité tout en profitant d'un cadre de vie de qualité en étant logé chez l'habitant dans l'inoubliable ville de Krasnoyarsk!

Alrick Dupuis


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