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I regularly create my own teaching materials for my students. These include worksheets, tasks, lessons, presentations and other materials aimed at helping students master the grammar and specific topics of the Russian language course more successfully.

The amount of these teaching materials is so large that I now share them with other teachers and students for a small fee. you can by them on this resource. 

On this page you can find descriptions for my teaching materials. 


Colors in Russian

This work sheet is for students of A1-A1+ level who want to prractice in colors in Russian

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Kostantinos Karavos

Since studying beginner Russian with Michael it has given me a bit more of an understanding into learning Russian. I had already learnt a small amount of Russian before our lessons but I had many unanswered questions so it has been excellent to start from the very beginning in a well structured manner so that I could cover the bases. Michael was very patient with my sometimes bizarre questions and was very helpful. I look forward to carrying the lessons on when I return back to Krasnoyarsk.

Kostantinos Karavos


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