Krasnoyarsk Stolby | National Nature Reserve

Krasnoyarsk Stolby 2017 | National Nature Reserve

Tourist routes

The Reserve consists of 4 parts (areas): the 1st one is called Central, the 2nd one Takmak, the 3rd Kaltak and the 4th one is called “Wild Stolby”.

In the Central part the most popular for visitors is a circle route, which starts from First Rock then goes to Vnucka (Granddaughter), Babka (Grandmother), Ded (Grandfather), Feathers, Lions’ gate, the Forth Rock, the Third and Second rocks and then goes back to the First and Slonik (Elephant) rocks.

There also are a variety of routes. The only difference is the degree of complexity (which you should remember, when you choose your route)

  • Ecological route (The Nature’s book)
  • Laletino route
  • Meeting with Mansk’s baba (woman) 16km
  • Nature is a great sculptor 13km
  • The tale of a reserved forest 16km
  • Takmak’s Rock area 4km


Description of the trip

Length of the trip: 3-4 hours
Amount of participants: 5-15
Fee: for free for My Russian School participants 
Departure depends on the weather

Schedule of the trip

Rocks – legends

There is a reason why “Stolby” was given this its name. The main attraction of Sayan forts (occupied territories) were “syenite” rocks. These rocks were gigantic and looked like people, animals and mythological creatures.

In the Reserve there are more than 100 rocks, reaching up to 90 meters. For their visual appearance or location they were given names; Feathers, Lions’ gate, Savage, Fort, Grif, Monk, Cain and Abel, Sinner, Mitra, Sparrows, Ermak, Guard, Chinese wall. There even are family members: Grandma, Granddaughter, Grandpa, Grand-grandpa, Grandson, Twins and etc.

Around the Reserve there are lots of boulders, which are used for bouldering. Elephant rock is one of the most popular boulder.

My Russian School: Out of class activity description

Must know:

  1. It’s a walking trip, so you should wear appropriate shoes (e.g. hiking shoes);
  2. You should take some kind of snack with you (Advise: take sandwiches, boiled eggs, tea in a thermos);
  3. Weather is an unpredictable thing in Krasnoyarsk, so you’d better to take a rain coat with you;
  4. Take a packet for your rubbish (we are eco-friendly)


At the appointed time we gather at school and set off to the National Nature Reserve which is 45 minutes away. Along the way to the Stolby we admire the contrast: industrial power next to picturesque views of untouched Siberian nature.

The bus reaches the parking place at the main entrance, we go out and walk to the check point, which is an information Centre. There we find out some more information about the National Reserve, check the routes on our map.

Then the guide leads us and we go upstairs (in some places of Central area there are wooden stairs). The first rock you see is Slonik (Elephant). This rock is beloved by the boulders. The next one on our way is Grandpa. It was called so, because it’s a lot like an old man’s face from the side. From his shoulder we see a big part of the Reserve and Krasnoyarsk far away.

Then we go down and have a snack (please do not forget to take the rubbish away, it’s essential)

After a small snack we go to see Feathers (just see, because it is pretty dangerous to climb them) and Lions’ gate. Lions’ gate is quite an easy to climb. At that spot the guide tells us interesting stories about those rocks and climbers who conquered them or failed to do that.

It’s time to return, so we go back to the main road. There are a few routes, they all take you back, so nobody will get lost. On the way back, we feed squirrels and birds. We get on the bus completely exhausted, but satisfied. The driver sets off to the school.


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 Ricardo Garcia Cosculluela

En la escuela My Russian School in Siberia, de Krasnoyarsk, pasé un curso intensivo de lengua rusa de un mes de duración. A pesar de que no tengo facilidad para los idiomas tuve un gran avance tanto en gramática como en conversación gracias a mi excelente profesora (Lisa) y a la dirección de la escuela, que se ocupó también  de organizar visitas a los museos de la ciudad, teatros, concieros, excursiones, etc.

Estuve alojado en casa de una familia rusa, que me ayudó también a aprender a conversar.

¿Por qué elegí la escuela en la ciudad siberana de Krasnoyarsk? Lo habitual es estudiar ruso en Moscú o en San Petersburgo que, ciertamente, son ciudades extraordinarias …Pero las ciudades de Siberia, con no ser pequeñas, tienen algo que no se encuentra en una gran ciudad. En primer lugar, la extraordinaria calidez de sus habitantes y su amabilidad. En Krasnoyarsk se puede descubrir la cultura siberiana, tan desconocida en Europa, visitar sus deliciosos museos de cultura local, asistir a teatros y a los numerosos concieros que se celebran en la ciudad, pasear por el hermoso centro de la ciudad, navegar por el gran río Yenisey (el 5º más largo del mundo), practicar trekking o esquiar en el parque nacional de Stalby…

No quiero olvidarme de sus deliciosos restaurantes, desde los más sencillos de comida rápida a los excelentes restaurantes de la ciudad, muchos de ellos de cocina internacional: china, italiana, americana, caucásica, japonesa, mongola, tártara, etc.

En fin, recomiendo vivamente la escuela My Russian School in Siberia, en Krasnoyarsk, para aquellos estudiantes que se sientan atraídos por conocer lugares sorprendentes y agradables.


Ricardo Garcia Cosculluela


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