Ethnic Festival “Music and Crafts of Siberia”

International festival of ethnic and crafts "Mir Sibiri"

We are goint to visit a major summer event in Russian included into The National Events Calendar. This famous Siberian Festival has been held in Shushenskoye village in the South of Siberia since 2003. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy ethnic music performed by about 100 musicians from Russian and abroad.

Description of the trip

Length of the trip: 2 nights, 3 days
Amount of participants: 3-8
Vehicle: Citroen Jumper
Fee: 450 €
Average weather in Shushenskoye in July: summer + 25 C
July 7-9 2017

Schedule of the trip

Day 1. Friday

Departure from Krasnoyarsk is at 14.00, the arrival to Shushenskoye is at 20.00. On your long way you will enjoy typical Siberian views: taiga forests, Yenisey river and Krasnoyarsk sea, Khakasia steppes, oddly-shaped mountains and  huge pine tree forests. On your way you will spend time practising your Russian while playing word games and having fun with your tutors.The accomodation is on the campsite in tents.

Day 2-3. Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast in a traditional Russian café.

A guided tour to the Sayan Hydropower Electric station and coming back at 12.00.

Lunch in a traditional Russian café.

During the festival you'll have a chance to enjoy unique craftwors, ceremonial sites, trade fairs and of course the main festival event.

Departure to Krasnoyarsk.


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Alrick Dupuis

J'ai passé un super séjour en Russie où j'ai pu suivre des cours intensifs de Russie auprès d'une équipe pédagogique de qualité tout en profitant d'un cadre de vie de qualité en étant logé chez l'habitant dans l'inoubliable ville de Krasnoyarsk!

Alrick Dupuis


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