Maslenitsa tour in Siberia!

Learn Russian language while celebrating a traditional “Maslenitsa” (Shrovetide) festival from 20th till 26th February 2017 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Throughout seven days during Maslenitsa week Russians have fun, visit their friends and relatives, cook and eat “bliny” (traditional Russian pancakes), many of them with different delicious fillings. 

Every single day of this week has a special meaning and there are some must-do activities during this week which you need to do if you are a real «русский» (Russian).

Must-do Maslenitsa activities include:

The schedule of Maslenitsa week tour includes:


Walking along the city centre, discovering the secrets of Krasnoyarsk streets, tasting “bliny” in a special Siberian food cafe


“Maslenitsa week in Russia” – exploring Russian culture and historical exhibition at school


This day is called «тёщин день» (Mother'-in-law’s day). And we are going to visit Yudin’s park where we will have discussions about Siberian culture and dance night


At school we will watch a movie «Сибирский цирюльник» (“Siberian barber”) by Sergey Mikhalkov where there are many episodes of celebrating Maslenitsa. 


Friday is usually called Son-in-law’s day. And we will learn how to cook “bliny” followed by a tea-party at school.


Saturday is a Daughter-in-law’s party. And we are going to have dog-sleigh rides.


This day is Forgiveness Sunday.

And we will go on a trip to a traditional Siberian village Sikhobuzimo. There we will have fun  watching the Cossacks’ battles, taking part in a funfair and burning wooden Maslenitsa doll.



Kostantinos Karavos

Since studying beginner Russian with Michael it has given me a bit more of an understanding into learning Russian. I had already learnt a small amount of Russian before our lessons but I had many unanswered questions so it has been excellent to start from the very beginning in a well structured manner so that I could cover the bases. Michael was very patient with my sometimes bizarre questions and was very helpful. I look forward to carrying the lessons on when I return back to Krasnoyarsk.

Kostantinos Karavos


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