Choice of suitable educational organization

I want to learn Russian, but I don’t have enough time to spend it in Russia. What can you advise?

In that case, if you aren’t planning long-term education, if Russian is a hobby and you’re interested in combining education with knowing a lot of new facts about Russia and Siberia – the best thing is short course of Russian language. In addition it’s comfortable – everything from accommodation to entertainment will be organized by us. You will only enjoy the Siberian nature and Russian language.

What’s the difference between private and state courses of Russian language (as foreign)?

State courses of Russian language are usually under Universities or Institutes, so education there is more long-term entailing execution of numerous documents and other difficulties. In private courses everything is more individual and organization of education is less complicated.

Our language centre

Where is Krasnoyarsk and the language centre?

Krasnoyarsk is in Eastern Siberia and it’s administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Region. You can find more details about Krasnoyarsk here. Our language centre is in the historical centre of the city, Prospect Mira, only a few minutes walking distance to The Theatre Square of the city.

Except classes, what else can the center suggest to students of courses?

Except learning course of Russian language, even if you don’t have any knowledge, you can always use the library and watch Russian films. Also we arrange different parties, meetings and excursions for our students. In addition our Russian students will be happy to communicate in different ways with foreign students (from a conversation while you’re having some tea to going to the cinema or museum)

Who in general attend courses in the language centre?

Except foreigners we suggest foreign language courses for Russian students. They study English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Arabian. In general they’re students and adults.

Where is it possible to have lunch before and after classes?

Our courses are in the central avenue of Krasnoyarsk, it’s walking distance from inexpensive cafes and different restaurants.

What is the schedule of the work of the centre?

Our centre is open all week days, except Saturday and Sunday, from 09.00 to 20.00.

Studying of Russian language as a foreign one

What’s the last date of applying for the course?

Ideally the last date of applying for the group course is not later than 30 days before the supposed beginning of the course. However in every specific case we can make concessions for our students.Individual course can begin by agreement between the administration of the centre and a student.

Do I have to pay extra money for some procedures or studying material?

You don’t have to pay for studying material or studying procedures if you don’t want to do it.

How are the classes held?

Every teacher has his/her own individual style and experience, so he/she organize a class in his/her own way. But in general the structure of every class is : introductory (checking of hometask and answering to all the questions connecting with it), practicing or studying of new material (writing exercises, reading, listening, dialogues, oral discussion of different topics using the new material)

How not to forget the material which was learned on courses after coming back home?

You should communicate, listen and write in Russian after coming back home. And if it’s not difficult for you to read and listen so try to find as many Russian friends as possible while you’re studying who won’t let you to forget Russian.

Registration for the course, contract and fee

How to register for the course?

After sending the first application for the course the contract and essential for fee will be sent to your e-mail.

How is the fee paid?

Next you should send us the signed contract and prepayment at the rate of 30% from the fee. The rest amount of money should be paid not later than 10 days before the beginning of the course.

Visa to Russia

What do I have to do to get visa to Russia?

If you want to know the concrete list of documents for getting visa, apply to us.

Is it necessary to complete any documents additionally, when I arrive to Krasnoyarsk?

When you arrive to Krasnoyarsk you have to register yourself when you stay during 3 days.

Arrival to Russia and Krasnoyarsk

What’s the easiest way to get to Krasnoyarsk to spend the least time during the journey?

The best way to get to Krasnoyarsk is via Moscow because trains and planes daily go from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk. It takes about 4,5 hours by plane and 2,5 days by train to get from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk.

What airlines carry out the flights from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk?

The flights between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk are carried out by such airlines as: Airoflot, Rossia, Utair, S7, Nordstar.

I want to get to Krasnoyarsk by train. Is it dangerous?

The journey by train to Krasnoyarsk is not dangerous, if you follow the minimum personal safety requirements. The only difficulty can be the long distance between Moscow and Krasnoyarsk (it takes 2,5 days), so it’s better to travel by train when you’re coming back home. Carriage of passengers is carried out by Rossyiskie zheleznye dorogy In spite of the fact that such journey is not as comfortable as by plane, it undoubtedly is more interesting because you can see a lot of Russian towns and villages traveling by the Trans - Siberian railway.

What should I do after arriving to the airport or the railway station?

Inairport “Emelianovo”of the city of Krasnoyarsk or atthe railway station “Krasnoyarsk”at your arrival time you’ll be met and taken to the host family. So before your journey you should inform the administration of the centre about the date and time of your arrival.

After arrival to the host family, how can I get to the language centre as I don’t know the city?

Someone from the host family will certainly show you the way to the language centre and take you there on the first day of the studies. As transport system is well developed in our city you won’t have any difficulties to get to classes and back.

Host family

How are host families chosen?

The main conditions for a host family are: situation of the family not far than 30 minutes from the city centre, cleanness, calm atmosphere, presence of necessary conditions for comfortable staying.

What services are included in staying in a host family?

Staying in a host family includes: - living in a separate room; - meal (breakfast and dinner); wifi Internet.

If I haven’t liked conditions in a family after arrival, what do I have to do?

First of all, during the registration for the course, inform us about your preferences about a host family and we’ll do everything to answer your requirements. However, if contingency has happen, we’ll take you to the other family.


Is it necessary to do vaccination before coming to Russia?

No, it’s not necessary. However, we strongly recommend to take medicine, which you usually use, with you, because similar drugs can be different in Russian chemist’s.

What is the level of medical care in Krasnoyarsk?

In our city except state medical organizations there a lot of medical centers for a fee which service is good enough and prices are rather inexpensive. However for personal safety purposes we recommend to make a medical insurance. In addition, if it is necessary, the administration of the centre will help to find appropriate medical organization.

The city of Krasnoyarsk, its surroundings, tourist attractions

Is Krasnoyarsk a modern city?

Yes, Krasnoyarsk is a modern city where you can find everything which is considered as an attribute of modernity. Read more details about Krasnoyarsk here.

I’ve never heard anything about Krasnoyarsk, is there anything interesting for tourists?

Russia is not just its capital – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Siberia is a region of majestic nature, Krasnoyarsk is one of the most well – planned and beautiful cities of Russia, there are a lot of tourist and historical attractions on Yenisey banks. Read more details here.

What season is the best to plan a journey to Krasnoyarsk?

Here, in Krasnoyarsk, all four seasons are clearly shown: 1. summer, when the temperature in July is from +20 to +35C, is the best time for journey; 2. autumn, which is “gold” in September (about from 0 to +10C) is gradually transforming into winter (in November to -10 C) 3. winter, when the temperature might drop to -30 C (the average temperature is -10 -15 C). However in spite of some hardness of climate, in all organizations and living spaces the temperature is not less than +22 C; 4. spring ( in March the temperature is about -5 C to 0, in May to +20 C) So plan your journey according to these peculiarities.

How can I carry on my trip in Russia before and after studying?

You can plan your own rout in Russia before or after your studying. We, having friendly relationship with tourist agent’s, will help you with a great pleasure.

Studying time, arrangement of education

What time do the classes take place?

Individual and group classes of Russian language course take the first half of the day: from 10.00 – 13.00.

If I’m late for lesson or I’m ill, what do I have to do?

Unfortunately, after registration on the course and arrival, being late or failure to appear for the course is not compensated.

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J'ai passé un super séjour en Russie où j'ai pu suivre des cours intensifs de Russie auprès d'une équipe pédagogique de qualité tout en profitant d'un cadre de vie de qualité en étant logé chez l'habitant dans l'inoubliable ville de Krasnoyarsk!

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